Thursday, August 30, 2012

Girls Night

By far the best night that I have had with my two favorite people, we jumped from place to place... I realized that the best times are those unplanned!!! (a lot of bathroom pictures, that seemed to the only place where we can peacefully take pictures lol), and of course I bumped into my reality star crush Chef Roblé himself.. I am seriously in love with this man.... That is all lol

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Street Style

It has been a while and I apologize for not being more consistent with my blog posts.... A lot of new things have been happening, and all of it starts with my new internship... Thanks to I'm their new intern and I run their instagram page... Totally excited about that one and totally blessed for the opportunity... I started with my first couple of posts and street style is something that I decided to target!! Have to give thanks to my friend Jennifer Vargas and my classmate Junil for being my mini models! lol.....
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