Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Launch Party

Yet again here I come with my late posts, and I apologize for all of that. So this week has been a fruitful one, bumped into some lovely friends, got invited to go to a fashion launch party by Twelv Magazine, and Material Wrld, thanks to

The event by the way was amazing! A lot of great performers, an open bar sponsored by Caorunn Gin, and Chang Beer, and of course complimentary manicures by Manicube. That alone was enough to drive me wild, a manicure, drinks, great people, and awesome music? This is the best way to start my week.

Met the creators of Manicube, they were amazing young women, both best friends, and they decided to have a company where the manicurists come to the work office to do manicures. Face it, we as women never have the time to pamper ourselves especially when we have a LOAD of things to do. Check them, out, their concept is amazing and highly inspirational.

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