Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New YEAR!!!! I am soo happy that 2012 was over and that 2013 is here, I have been waiting too long for this moment. Finally got to see my cousins from my Dominican side, and reconcile with them, I was soooo HAPPY... 
Happy New Year

This is my Momma, she wanted her photo shoot lol

My sister took this Picture of me, If only I can figure out a way to edit it somehow... 
Loved my sequin pants and my nude shoes! 
Black, Gold and Nude were the colors!

Loved my Makeup, I had on
Cheeks: NARS Orgasm

My sisters are my World!!!

Cousin Love!! I didn't realize that I missed them soo much!

My beautiful baby cousins/nephews, what a blessing

Ending it with Mama (dominican way of saying, "grandma") 
Mi abuela Querida... This is my fathers mother, and people say that I look like her, since I look NOTHING like my old man lol...
I am highly blessed to have all of my family here

For all my readers: May u have a beautiful and blessed 2013, and many many more years to come,
be safe.
Love, FMP

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